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Surprise, Delight, and Reward.

Performance-based reward and revenue-generating website and mobile app tools and services for associations, membership organizations, and companies.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Ease-Of- Implementation

Discounts, Deals, Perks, And Benefits
Wherever, Whenever

inrevio curates targeted lifestyle perks, benefits, and rewards to complement the lifestyle and demographics of your customers, members, fans, donor, alums, attendees, and more. Our easy-to-add integration opens up and expands opportunities to excite and reward everyone.

inrevio's proprietary technology results from decades of expertise in loyalty, membership, eCommerce integrations, performance marketing, and strategic partnerships.

Since 1993, the leadership of inrevio has developed, sourced, recommended, manufactured, and delivered products, services, experiences, and performance-based campaigns.


What We Offer

Dynamically updated, dashboard-driven deals, reward, and loyalty tools, and turnkey management and implementation of complementary useful, beneficial, and revenue-generating offers. 

Smart Bar

Present Complementary Offers

Screen Shot 03-22-23 at 02.51 PM.PNG

Smart Page

Single Page Offer Presentation.

Smart Offer

Embedded post-transaction offers.

New Features Announcement

Smart tools can now serve targeted deals, perks, and benefits based on URL data or UTM parameters, including keywords, abbreviations, referring sources, a specific link or campaign, recognizing new and returning customers, session level, and scheduled promotions. 

Introducing Session Landing Page Query Parameter Targeting

Easily hide and show Offers based on any query parameter(s) you send to your website from any channel or campaign. Inrevio Offer Targeting remembers channel or source information from the session's landing page for the entire duration of a user's session!



Unlimited Personalization Opportunities at Any Point in the User Journey

  • Carry promotional messages from email campaigns like Welcome Series, Winback Messages, or Marketing Campaigns.

  • Hide your SMS Acquisition Offer from SMS referral traffic or bridge the gap between an SMS Abandonment Journey and the shopper's onsite experience when you get shoppers back on the site to check out. 

  • Show Loyalty-Only or Members-Only Offers. 

  • Display exclusive Paid-Media-Only coupon codes when users arrive from channels like Paid Search or Product Listing Ads. 

  • Hide sitewide offers when users arrive via an affiliate referral link or preserve affiliate-referral offers through checkout for affiliate-referred shoppers.

  • And More!

New Features

The Inrevio Total Solution

While our proprietary Smart tools are available with a self-serve dashboard, we also offer a fully managed agency solution to provide a turnkey, hands-off, revenue-neutral, or revenue-generating model. 

All deals, discounts, offers, and rewards are sourced by inrevio's experienced team to complement your customer and member lifestyles and demographics.



Full Reporting

Integrated Design

Use Case Examples

inrevio's light lift promotion engine integration is ADA-compliant and provides attractive and easy-to-manage tools to increase customer and member acquisition, satisfaction, reward, and engagement.

Loyalty, Member, Guest Benefits

Post-Transaction Offers

External and External Links

Promote Third Party Offers

Reward or Incentivize Actions

Geo-Targeted Offers

Sponsored Advertising

Data Collection

What Our Clients Say

Smart Pages have driven significantly revenue for us…and the incremental traffic is high intent, which is reflected in higher conversion rates as compared to both our legacy coupons page and current sitewide average.”

Director, Marketing and Innovation

"The ability to create dynamic landing pages and custom offers on demand lets me bypass our internal dev and design team’s lengthy request processes.”

Director, Retention Marketing

“inrevio's Smart Button integration expanded our ability to offer better and more exclusive member benefits by adding the use of unique codes for deal redemption"

Manager, Loyalty Solutions

For Merchants And Advertisers

Merchants, product, and service providers seeking to acquire customers and drive e-commerce, app, and brick-and-mortar traffic and sales benefit from placement with inrevio's growing list of distribution partners.


For Associations, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Destination Marketing Organizations, Conventions, And Non-Retail Websites


Increase revenue and engagement through sponsored and performance-based placement on the home page or specific content pages. Drive traffic to internal or external offers and partnerships.


We Create Engagement.

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