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Dynamically updated, dashboard-driven, turnkey management and implementation of complementary, beneficial, and revenue-generating offers. 


Smart Bar

Smart Bar lives on any page of your website and updates dynamically to maximize revenue per session, engagement, and conversion. 

Ideal for highlighting onsite or third-party offers that complement company, customer, and member lifestyles and demographics.

Smart Bar from top also available.

Smart Pages

All your public and private promotions, all in one place and easy for shoppers to find and use. 

Ideal for showcasing all onsite or third-party discounts, benefits, and offers on one categorized page with descriptions and links.

Standard discount codes, unique codes, printed coupons, SMS, email, sign-ups, social media share, and other features can be integrated and updated in minutes.


Smart Button

The shopper or member-activated Smart Button reduces bounce and cart abandonment and increases on-site and external upsells by showcasing special offers. 

Ideal for displaying one or more offers and redemption methods, including standard codes, unique codes, printed coupons, hidden promotions, insider offers, and links.

Perfect integration to provide unique codes and printed or "show and save" coupons.

Smart Offers

Single or multiple internal or third-party offers delivered post-transaction to complement your audience demographics.

Ideal for displaying static and integrated offers within the body of any page. All content can be dynamically updated in minutes in the dashboard.

New Feature
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Smart tools can now serve targeted deals, perks, and benefits based on URL data or UTM parameters, including keywords, abbreviations, referring sources, a specific link or campaign, recognizing new and returning customers, session level and scheduled promotions.

Easy-to-manage dashboard management allows for dynamic and highly targeted offers to be displayed based on URL phrases, words, or abbreviations. 

Dashboard Driven

Intuituve dashboard allows real-time additions and edits standard code, unique code, printed coupons, hidden promotions, insider offers, email opt-in, and links.


Insights & Analytics

Our detailed analytics and professional services give you the information and support you need to develop more effective promotions. Optimize strategy, effectiveness, and best practices.
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